Smart Ways to Build Residual Income 

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There are a lot of passive income streams in today’s business. There are streams that require for you to work, but there a residual income stream work all the time even if you’re away or sleeping. A company like Arbonne Scam is a residual income stream that makes you earn in a continuous basis even if the work is already done.  

 Residual Income

The beauty of residual income is that it’s not like an active income that can’t be raised until you are promoted on your job. Residual income makes you earn money but not doing anything after the work is done, for example, eBooks, movies, rental properties and many more. You can build a residual income either by learning it on your own or partnering with a company that specializes in residual income.  

  • Purchase Rental Property 

Rental property has been in demand nowadays especially if more and more people look for properties to rent. Also, real estate is a proven investment. The money that you earn on a monthly basis will provide a great income for you.  

However, the capital might be too much for you. It will take a lot to buy a rental property. If you want to push this venture, you can start by looking at a crowd funding solution. If the rental property is funded you become an owner then you receive a share of the earnings.  

  • Invest in the Stock Market 

More opportunities will open up for you if you invest on the stock market. You can invest in a couple of index funds. Whether the investment is on your personal account or retirement account, you will still earn. Investing is easy to do. However before you see benefits, you should put up a lot of your own money.  

  • Write Series of eBooks 

There are many authors who make it on the Kindle Market. EBook is now becoming more popular these days because people always look for solutions on the internet, and most of the time eBooks provide the answers. The good thing about writing an eBook is that it will continue to earn for you even if it’s already published for months or even years.  

  • Create an App 

Creating an app for a problem you can’t find any solution to will also make you money, depending on your target audience and how one solves a problem. For example, someone create an app that gives you the direction into your destination with some optional route if the area is traffic. Vehicle owners will install this because it is efficient for their travel back home or to work.  

  • Make a Video Course 

We all have something to teach to people. It can be about sleep habits, career related, weight loss, technical subjects, and others. You can make a video if you’re comfortable on making a video about something you can share to others. You can create your course series and it will become an income model.   

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