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Type of Fences for Your Home

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Fences are good addition to your home. It does not only add value to your property but also security and privacy. Fences haves two main functions either for appeal or safety, both are the common reasons why homeowners build fences for their home. Fences have a lot of designs and styles, also types for homeowners to choose from. You can choose from the most luxurious to the most cost-efficient type of fences for your home. Choosing the right type means, choosing the best design and also ensuring that the fences you build around your home can provide security.  

 Type of Fences

Choosing the wrong type could mean sacrificing or compromising the most important function of fences which is security. Before you go shopping for types of fences, here are some of the top choices we have picked just for you.  

Chain link fence  

A chain link fence might be less appealing and not a top choice for privacy but when it comes to safety it can serve you that. You can have this installed in your backyard or if you have a commercial property to keep your boundary and just a basic fencing. If you are also looking for cost efficient and more on function, a chain link fence is good for you, plus it’s not high maintenance.  

Wood fence  

Wood fence is very common, but you can assure to have privacy and security too. Building a high wooden fence is a good option, plus it’s a classic design in fences and you can repaint it in any color you want. The only downside with having wood fence is it can be damaged due to weather conditions. It can be cheap but quite costly to maintain.  

Wrought Iron fence  

Also, one of the most common fence types among luxurious houses or gothic inspired houses are wrought iron fences. When it comes to security wrought iron fences can be one of the best choices as it has pointy designs that can keep away the thieves and unwanted visitors. Its low maintenance but can be very costly. When it comes to privacy, it’s not really the top choice but it’s a good fence type.  

Wire mesh fence  

This type of fence is not big on privacy, but it’s a good type of fence for security. Wire mesh fences are tightly woven grid of wire that comes with panels that are hung between the metal poles. This type of fence is not easy to cut or climb, though it has similar functions of a chain link fence, but it is more secure. Wire mesh fences can be very high, and its parallel features make its hard for trespassers to climb or even access.  

When choosing from different type of fences make sure what you desire and the basic functions like safety is present. You can always consider the design but do not sacrifice the safety or else it defeats the purpose of having a fence. If you think having, a fence is only for appeal and you do not really worry about safety, then that’s okay too. Fences are both good investments for appeal and security, that is why you should choose the best.  

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Maintenance for Your Wood Fence

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Our fence is a critical component of our house. It gives us privacy by shielding the view from our neighbors; it also provides protection from possible intruders. Furthermore, our fence acts as a boundary so that our children our pets won’t stray away on the road and met an unfortunate accident. It also adds appeal to the overlook of our property, some customize and puts color in their fence to make it more attractive.

Like all other parts of our house, fences also require maintenance, especially if your fence is made of wood. The good thing is that there are professionals who offer excellent maintenance work for our fences like Professional Fence Alpharetta, visit their website here

If you don’t have the budget, however, you still have the option of doing it yourself. To help you with your task here is how to maintain your wood fence.

Wood Fence

1. Starting Right

This isn’t part of the maintenance proper, but the right and smart thing to do for building a wood fence are using strong kind of woods. Strong kinds of wood include cedar and redwood, they are strong, and they are strong on resisting decay and rot. If you can’t find these kinds of wood, however, at least find other kinds that are pressure treated to resist decay from the elements and insects.

Starting right does not only mean using the right kind of wood, but it also means using the right materials that come along the fence. Use stainless or galvanized nails or chain links, so that your fence is strong and won’t easily break down.

2. Cut Shrubs and Vines

There is a high chance that shrubs and vines would grow near your fence, and have the tendency to climb and cover it. This will add extra weight to your fence, straining it and weakening it quickly. If you notice these shrubs and vines, make an effort on cutting them regularly so that your fence won’t carry an additional load.

3. Painting

Another way to maintain your fence is by painting and treating it. Paint your fence every 3 or 5 years so that it would look new. Applying sealants are also effective, it holds the components of the wood together, preventing it to crack or decaying easily.

4. Don’t let your Fence to be wet all the time

Water is the number one enemy of wood fence, as it can soften and decay it down. While you can’t prevent rain from making your fence wet, you can, fortunately, control other factors to prevent it from getting wet. For example, avoid placing your sprinkler near the fence, so it won’t get wet when you water your plants.

5. Fix Damages Immediately

If you notice that there are damages in your fence, like fallen rails, loose posts, or nails that have popped out. You have to fix these minor damages immediately because the other parts that are good will compensate for the work of the damaged ones. This will result in more damages on your fence. If your posts are loose, put in new soil on its base and apply new concrete to solidify it.

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